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Hi and welcome to Embrace Less Waste! We are based in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

We started our less-waste journey because of our 3 children. We want to do our part in preserving our planet and making sure our children still have clean air and water when they have children.

Because of our proximity to the ocean we have become huge advocates for reducing plastic waste and ocean pollution.

We know zero-waste is next to impossible with small children, but we firmly believe that less waste is sustainable. 

We are here to support you on your journey- whether you need products, consultation, or a workshop- we are here for you. 

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In The Fight To Reduce Waste- Why We are Different

Embrace Less Waste is a woman owned business committed to the environment. We meet this end by simplifying eco-friendly shopping for the modern family. We have done all the research for you: contacted wholesalers, verified that they are good companies that produce quality products, and that they manufacture in the USA. We also streamline the shopping experience by condensing options to conserve your valuable time. Please be patient as our store grows- we are working hard on sourcing quality wholesalers that represent what we believe in.

American Made High Quality Eco-Friendly Products!

What makes us unique is our compassion. We only work with companies that started their business for a good cause, that donate to charity, are transparent, and strive to improve the world on a daily basis.

ELW’s strives to provide environmentally responsible options for all products and practices. We emphasize plastic and package free goods.

Embrace Less Waste works hard to ensure that products are affordable for all families

Our products are reusable and long lasting. We are now offering refillable dish soap, hand soap, and body wash. We will add more items as requested.  We are proudly offering products by Rustic Strength- a company that prides itself in being as close to zero waste as possible. We buy in glass containers and will eventually purchase in larger quantities with their closed-loop system. Please save your containers and we will happily refill them for you! 

We work with wholesalers that are or are working towards being Leaping Bunny certified.

We prioritize diversity and inclusion in all areas of our business.

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