Fun Stuff For Kids

On this page you will find fun things geared towards kids. Fun facts, activities, and other cool things for young inquiring minds that care about the environment.  

Reducing waste is something everyone can do. It’s a small step you can take by turning off the water while you brush your teeth, turning the lights off while you are not in the room, and being mindful of things that you use during the day. 

What does Ranger mean to reuse? It’s pretty simple- when Ranger chews a toy, he plays with the same toy again.  Reusing means that you try and reuse the same items you have for as long as you can. Instead of throwing something away after one use- try to reuse or repurpose it for multiple uses. 

Ranger loves boxes! He loves any box, any size, and any shape! If he sees it, he wants to play with it. But when Ranger is done with the box, it has to be recycled. The same goes with anything else in our home. Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, metals, batteries, paint, and many other items can all be recycled. 

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