Albatross Safety Razor XL


Our Albatross Safety Razor XL is built with the same durable components as the regular butterfly, but we have made the handle longer.

At 4.5” in length, the Butterfly XL gives you more grip for your shave. Why a longer handle? Simply put, it’s a matter of preference. For shaving legs a longer handle does simplify things- you have a bit more reach!

If you are looking for replacement razor blades, they can be found here


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Why do we love Albatross? Everything about Albatross Safety Razor XL reflects our core values. The founder, Andrew Lacenere, is an avid sailor. While on the water, he observed firsthand the human destruction of our natural resources. Using his skills of sailing and sailboat racing, Andrew decided to make a positive impact. Not only does Albatross sell sustainable products, but they strive to take back all of their used blades to upcycle them into stainless steel utensil sets called Takeback Ware

To learn more about shaving and why switching to a safety razor is important https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhPerzSZEtQ

If you are a bit anxious about using an Albatross Safety Razor XL- please watch Andrew demonstrate how to use a safety razor. Ladies, he even shows us how to shave our legs! https://youtu.be/7QN4PCVrmWc


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