Albatross Replacement Blades- 10 Pack


Our high-quality stainless steel safety razor replacement blades cost just $0.25 each.

Each pack comes with 10 compact and efficient double edge razor blades.

If you are interested in the razors there are 2 options: the standard butterfly and the XL that works great for shaving legs.

All used safety razor replacement blades can be returned and will be upcycled into reusable cutlery called Takeback Ware


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From a grizzly beard to very fine leg hair, we’ve got you covered! We estimate each safety razor replacement blades lasts for about 5 shaves, but that depends on the density and thickness of the hair.

Why do we love Albatross? Everything about Albatross reflects our core values. The founder, Andrew Lacenere, is an avid sailor. While on the water, he observed firsthand the human destruction of our natural resources. Using his skills of sailing and sailboat racing, Andrew decided to make a positive impact. Not only does Albatross sell sustainable products, but they strive to take back all of their used blades to upcycle them into stainless steel utensil sets.

If you are a bit anxious about using a safety razor- please watch Andrew demonstrate how to use a safety razor. Ladies, he even shows us how to shave our legs! https://youtu.be/7QN4PCVrmWc

If you would like to watch the founder of Embrace Less Waste shave her legs for the first time with a safety razor- you can watch her here


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