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Super Simple Sustainable Swap- Part 2

Super simple sustainable swaps for everyone. 

It’s estimated that every second of every day in the USA a load of laundry is started. Let that settle in for a minute. Can you imagine how many containers of detergent that equates too? It’s mind-boggling. Most consumers still rely on liquid detergent for their everyday needs.

I was contacted by a Bay area resident, and she let me know that when she had recently gone to the local laundromat she was shocked to see the trash can full of detergent containers. The containers were not being recycled and still had detergent in them.  This is horrible for the planet: the plastic is going into the landfill and the detergents are leaching into the soil.

This lovely lady has continued to go back to the laundromat on a regular basis just to pick up the empties and take them to recycling.

So, what is the super simple sustainable swap for detergents? Here are two of the simplest options:

  1. Buy powder detergent or tabs in a cardboard container. One brand that we know and love is Meliora. They offer great products that come in sustainable containers.
  2. You can also visit a package-free store (online or in person) and refill your containers with liquid detergents or pick up individual pods.

Both options are very easy and can be implemented into your everyday routine without adding any extra work to your day.


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To learn more about plastic pollution check out: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/article/plastic-pollution  

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