To Keep or Not to Keep?

This weekend I was cleaning our pool deck and I notice that a piece of trim fell off our pergola. It would be so easy to just take the piece of trim and throw it away.  It made me think how we’ve become accustomed to simply throwing things away rather than attempting to fix things. When did this happen? It wasn’t an overnight change; it was a shift in culture. 

If I think back to my childhood, it was still the norm to repair items. I know for sure that it was customary for my grandparents to repair shoes, but I can’t remember the last time I took a pair of shoes in to get fixed, can you?  

 When is it best to throw an item away versus attempting to fix it? There is a fine line between a fixer and a (dare I say) hoarder of all things that might be worth saving.  We need to go back in time a bit and take on the older mentality of trying to repair things that are worth saving. Instead of throwing a vacuum away that has a piece that is broken, see if that piece can be replaced. If the zipper of your favorite jeans has failed you (sometimes in a very inopportune time) go ahead and replace the zipper. If your favorite t-shirt has been converted into a rag, and now has fallen to pieces, it is time to retire that shirt. We do eventually have to let go.  

 When an item has truly lived out its best life, simply make sure that it is disposed of properly. Recycle, compost as much as you can, and only throw away when you have exhausted every other option.  

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